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Announcing... Amore e Amore!

More food. More family. More memories. More love.

For 21 years, Professor Giovanni and I have been serving you good food and great experiences from behind the doors of 467 N. Highland Ave. By celebrating your birthdays, anniversaries, work events or even just wonderful meals after a long day, you have helped us build what is beyond just a building or restaurant. You have helped us build the family that is now Amore e Amore.


Announcing... The Amore Quartet

What started as the Dynamic Duo is now expanding to the Amore Quartet - Professor Giovanni, Mama Gale, Pat and Joe. We are four amazing friends pursuing our common love of food and friendship.

We are thrilled to be continuing our journey of serving all of you with the partnership of our dear friends Pat and Joe.

Together, Amore e Amore will bring love and more love into your lives. We can't wait to see you soon and celebrate this new partnership with you!


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